Time for an “Old Fashioned” crowdfunding campaign!


Cas Metah supporters please take five minutes, watch this video and then donate to the cause! My next solo album “Old Fashioned” is ready to release but I want to do it all the way right, which essentially means spending a lot of money. With the amount of followers I have, if all of you can donate even just a little (or a lot!) I would be forever grateful! I’m offering perks in return too! The first perk I’m offering is the 3rd Eye Contact EP. It’s myself and Mellow Drum Addict on the rhymes, Defizit on the beats and EF Cuttin on the turntables. It’s dope! Pre-order it now (drops 8/18) at killacasmetah.bandcamp.com for either the minimum price or show some love and add a little more to the total at checkout. It’s all up to you how much you give! All proceeds go toward funding physical copies of “Old Fashioned” (vinyl, cassettes and CD’s), music videos and any other promotional costs, including an international tour. Every dollar counts! I’ll be keeping everyone up to date so be on the lookout for another video like this next week. Thank you so much! – Cas

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