MotionPlus releases “Sound Protest two” and sets off #TheYearOfSI

Happy New Year folks! I’ve been hard at work building with the Scribbling Idiots family to bring you guys and gals some incredible music and live shows in 2015, I hope you’re ready! First up is my homie MotionPlus from Quincy, Illinois. Go download his new album “Sound Protest Two” at Some fans are already calling it his best work, and I can’t argue! Don’t miss this album!

Peep the song I’m featured on here:

MotionPlus “Spit U Out” (feat. Sev Statik & Cas Metah) – Beat by Centric

MotionPlus - Sound Protest Two

This is just the first of several releases from MotionPlus and Scribbling Idiots this year. It’s been 10 years since we dropped our first crew mixtape “Idiomatic Vol. 1”, and we’re celebrating with a hashtag campaign titled #TheYearOfSI. As usual, we’ll be promoting heavily through grassroots/social media/word-of-mouth and need your help! Please use the hashtag and share news, reviews, RT’s, etc. with your friends and family.

In closing, thanks to for naming Scribbling Idiots “Invitation Only” 2014’s Most Slept On Album Of The Year. We may not have charted on Billboard, but those who heard it, loved it, and really, what more can you ask for? If you enjoyed this blog post and want me to write them more frequently, leave your feedback in the comments section!


Cas Metah

One thought on “MotionPlus releases “Sound Protest two” and sets off #TheYearOfSI”

  1. Cas, thanks for the update. I, for one, will read your blog whenever it’s updated. I look forward to purchasing this album here soon as well as all the SI releases this year.

    Also, is Wonder Brown dropping something new this year?

    God bless bro.

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