Hip-Hop meets martial arts with JustMe’s “Hajime” EP

What’s up everybody! Thanks for checking out my blog! I’ve been so busy touring the last couple months I’ve not been keeping you up to speed on everything going on with my crew Scribbling Idiots.

My partner JustMe recently dropped an EP called “Hajime” on illect Recordings. It’s produced by Sebastian Hochstein (fka Jaq) and features Bianca Spriggs and myself, with cuts from Sean Patrick. Check below for the song I’m on, it’s called “Act A Fu”.  The whole EP is on some hip hop meets martial arts stuff, it’s really well done. You can get it on MP3 or cassette via illectdirect.com or if you want the CD, JustMe has a few left. Catch him on social media.


JustMe “Act A Fu” feat. Cas Metah (Prod. by Jaq)


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