It has been said in the music industry that “it’s not what you know, but who you know, that makes one successful.” Taylor “Cas Metah” Hogle may argue that who you know, has a great impact on what you know. A quick listen to the Ohio native’s music reveals his understanding that life is about relationships. A glance at his discography reveals just how well he understands it, and how well he puts it into practice. Cas Metah is a friend to all true hip-hop heads, and he thinks it’s about time you get acquainted.

Taylor Hogle fell in love with hip-hop as a teenager. Never one to shy away from commitment, Cas wrote raps for two years before ever touching a microphone! In 1997 he began recording homemade mixtapes and gaining a rep locally. Alongside 2-Tone, Ruffian, Shaw Bihl and several other hungry talents, Cas formed Field Specialists. Metah quickly became the crews leader/in- house engineer, nicknaming his home studio the “Guest Room” due to the frequency of company and all night sessions. In 2002 Cas pressed up Key Tah Life on CD and naturally everything else that comes with being an emcee came into play next: Lots of shows and networking being key. Being from a small town, Cas saw the importance of gaining an online following early, gaining friends and followers on every site he could find. A chance meeting with JustMe in ‘03, led to a great friendship and the formation of Scribbling Idiots. Over the years the collective has discovered amazing talent worldwide and currently boasts the following “family” members: JustMe, Cas Metah, Theory Hazit, Elias, ReFlex the Architect, MP Ancient, Wonder Brown, Mouf Warren, MattmaN and Jaq. 

From landing opening gigs with Hieroglyphics, Apathy, Celph Titled, Joell Ortiz, Twista, The Pharcyde and Bizzy Bone just to name a few, to hitting up tour dates with vets like Ras Kass, CunninLynguists, J-Live and Aceyalone, the list goes on and on as Cas continues to create a large buzz in hip-hop circles on and off stage.

Due in large part to Cas’ tireless work in the studio, he has released numerous albums, EP’s and/or single songs on his own, as well as with several established record labels, including: Soulspazm, Illect Recordings, End Of Earth Records, Dunsin’ Donuts (Japan), and BBM (Baka Boyz Media)/Empire Distribution.

When it comes to collaborating with some of the best known (and unknown) artists in the game, Cas has worked with nearly everybody! Here’s just a highlight reel: Masta Ace, Kno, Witchdoctor, T-mo Goodie, 4th Disciple, LMNO, Deacon The Villain, Mars ILL, Copywrite, J. Rawls, Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, Mista Sinista, Audible Doctor, Blueprint, J57, Craig G, D.V. Alias Khryst, Casual, Wordsworth, Yukmouth, Ras Kass, Ahmad & Ski Beatz! Wow!

Perhaps more impressive than any of the credits listed above, is the countless guest appearances, cameos, and side-projects Cas has piled up throughout the past two decades. Prolific doesn’t begin to explain this young man’s writing ability. Nor does it explain his magnetic personality and networking skills. Just Google the name “Cas Metah” and it will take you down a plethora of rabbit holes! And if you don’t know, now you know!


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