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New single “Mere Mortal” from album with Sintax.the.terrific and DJ Sean P

I have an album dropping this summer that I made with my good buddy Sintax.the.terrific (of Deepspace5) called Mere Mortals. DJ Sean P handled all the production, scratches, mixing and mastering. It will be released via Illect Recordings on July 2nd. Our first single “Mere Mortals” featuring Jordan Coleman is out now on all streaming platforms and it’s a banger y’all! Check it out here! And yes, the single is “Mere Mortal” (singular) but the album is “Mere Mortals” (plural) in case you thought there was a typo somewhere lol.

3P Volume 10 with Lyriz

I met Lyriz in 2005 on my first of many trips out to Quincy, IL to visit MP Ancient (then known as MotionPlus). We’ve stayed in touch and collaborated many times over the years, including an EP called the Daily Delivery we did with Mouf Warren and Lyphe (aka R.U.S.H.). This time on 3P Vol. 10 with beats by Don-P (he’s produced for Raekwon, Jadakiss, etc.) we get busy once again like we usually do. D1 helped us out on 2 hooks and mixed everything. This is the last of the 3P series (maybe?) so snatch it for $3 right here!

SomeBuddies reunited! 3P Volume 9

Don’t tell Big Sto, but I forgot to update my website a couple months ago when this actually came out lol! There’s been a lot going on this way, but better late than never! My partner in rhyme MP Ancient (Scribbling Idiots/SomeBuddies) joins me this go round with beats by another SI family member, the one and only Theory Hazit! This 3P slaps! Features include Detroit’s Melanie Rutherford and Lyriz from Quincy, Illinois. Snag it for $3 here:

3P Volume 8 is finally here!

Bandcamp Friday’s have carried over into 2021, so I’ve decided to keep making 3P’s to drop each month in between finishing up my official projects. Volume 8 is produced by Dansonn from Los Angeles. Dansonn has worked with everyone from RZA to Jin, had placements everywhere from Google to Netflix, ESPN, etc. and his beats on this 3P bang! Features include Wonder Brown (of Scribbling Idiots) and D1. Pick it up for only $3 (or more!) at the link below, thanks for your support!

3P (Volume 7) Beats by MattmaN is out now!

Volume 7 of the 3P series is here! Scribbling Idiots are back! Well at least some of us! MattmaN made all the beats, Mouf Warren and I tackle the rhymes, and Deacon The Villain even drops in and lends his vocals to a hook! Make sure to check it out!

3P Volume 6 is out now!

For 3P Volume 6 I’ve recruited Genesis Da God to share the rhyme duties, and Curtiss King did all the beats! Fans of my crew Field Specialists may recognize Genesis’ voice, he used to go by the moniker J. Spitz in earlier years. He also has released projects under the names Genesis Revelations and Hannibal, respectively (you can find those at Expect more from us as a duo next year as well!
Curtiss King is a producer/emcee/engineer/all around business savvy artist hailing from Southern California. Known for producing mulitiple projects for Murs as well as running a successful YouTube channel, you also may remember his name from Guest Room 2, he did the beat for “Head Strong” featuring Die-Rek.

3P (Volume 5) Beats by AG Flux is out now!

A “3P” is a three song EP, at least according to Cas Metah. Three songs, one producer, that’s the theme of the 3P series. Volume 5 is produced by Denver, Colorado’s AG Flux. Features include DJ Hydroe, Shaw Bihl & Genesis Da God. Pick it up for $3 at the link below.

3P Volume 4 (Beats by Defizit) out now!

A “3P” is a three song EP, at least according to Cas Metah. Three songs, one producer, that’s the theme of the 3P series. Volume 4 is produced by Stockton, California’s Defizit. Features include JustMe, Jasper Brown, Phat Hentoff and DJ Aslan.

New EP “You Can Not Bait A King” out now!

Cas Metah first met Soulseize in 2009 via the world wide web when the Zurich, Switzerland based producer reached out to Cas. Cas was so blown away by the beat he sent, he wrote and recorded the entire song in one day, and they’ve been working together consistently ever since.
D1 first met Cas Metah through a string of shows in Columbus, Ohio around 2015. After crossing paths a few times, Cas reached out to D1 for a feature, which happened to be on a beat produced by Soulseize. Fast forward to the 2020 quarantine, the song was still unreleased, so with a little extra time on their hands, the trio agreed to combine forces to create a project sure to please true fans of heartfelt, soulful hip-hop!

The project also includes guest features from Aceyalone (of Freestyle Fellowship), A-Plus (of Hieroglyphics/Souls Of Mischief), Sarob, and Kashis Keyz. Cover Art by Ghost Octopus.

3P Volume 3 (Beats by MattmaN) is out now!

A “3P” is a three song EP, at least according to Cas Metah. Three songs, one producer, that’s the theme of the 3P series. Volume 3 is produced by MattmaN (of Scribbling Idiots) with additional rhyme support from Columbus Ohio’s Lewie and Blast Mega.