New album Mere Mortals is ready to pre-order!

Pre-orders are now officially on deck for the Mere Mortals album! Cas Metah & Sintax The Terrific on the rhymes, DJ Sean P on the beats, scratches and mixing board! Features include Stik Figa, Mouf Warren, Goldinchild (of Sons Of Intellect) and Jordan Coleman! We have vinyl available as well as CD’s coming, plus digital of course! Super fans should note there are a limited number of vinyl test pressings and CD bonus packs for sale also! Check it all out at (link below) // Release date: July 2nd! Thanks in advance for your support!

Latest single “Indie Pen Dents” is charting on Bandcamp!

Say what??? Cas Metah on the charts??? Who would’ve ever thought?! But it’s true! And in several different sub-genre category’s of Hip-Hop/Rap at that! Peep the breakdown and link to pick up the song yourself below!

Hip-Hop/Rap #48
Alternative Hip-Hop #4
Boom Bap #7
Conscious Hip-Hop #2
Underground Hip-Hop #11
Underground Rap #4