New single “Mere Mortal” from album with Sintax.the.terrific and DJ Sean P

I have an album dropping this summer that I made with my good buddy Sintax.the.terrific (of Deepspace5) called Mere Mortals. DJ Sean P handled all the production, scratches, mixing and mastering. It will be released via Illect Recordings on July 2nd. Our first single “Mere Mortals” featuring Jordan Coleman is out now on all streaming platforms and it’s a banger y’all! Check it out here! And yes, the single is “Mere Mortal” (singular) but the album is “Mere Mortals” (plural) in case you thought there was a typo somewhere lol.

3P Volume 10 with Lyriz

I met Lyriz in 2005 on my first of many trips out to Quincy, IL to visit MP Ancient (then known as MotionPlus). We’ve stayed in touch and collaborated many times over the years, including an EP called the Daily Delivery we did with Mouf Warren and Lyphe (aka R.U.S.H.). This time on 3P Vol. 10 with beats by Don-P (he’s produced for Raekwon, Jadakiss, etc.) we get busy once again like we usually do. D1 helped us out on 2 hooks and mixed everything. This is the last of the 3P series (maybe?) so snatch it for $3 right here!

SomeBuddies reunited! 3P Volume 9

Don’t tell Big Sto, but I forgot to update my website a couple months ago when this actually came out lol! There’s been a lot going on this way, but better late than never! My partner in rhyme MP Ancient (Scribbling Idiots/SomeBuddies) joins me this go round with beats by another SI family member, the one and only Theory Hazit! This 3P slaps! Features include Detroit’s Melanie Rutherford and Lyriz from Quincy, Illinois. Snag it for $3 here: