Cas Metah releases new EP with all Australian guest list

Cas Metah - Aussie Ausbourne

Aussie Ausbourne is my latest release. If you’re keeping track this is the third EP I’ve released in the past couple of months! It’s seven tracks deep and features some of my homies from Krosswerdz Australia including Oakbridge, Jabs (Bay Side Wreckers), Flexx Abyladeez (MZK), Brethren (Wizdm & Mistery), Dregz, Rezadent, Slers, L-Fire, Izzy n The Profit with cuts from DJ Maniak, Mista Sinista (X-ecutionerz), Bombeardo and DJ FlipFlop. Beats by DJ Sean P, Remot, ReFlex the Architect, Theory Hazit and Solomon Crates. Download it here:

“Old Fashioned” crowdfunding update video #3

Sorry I missed giving an update last week! I’m back to fill you in on the status of the campaign and to tell you all about the guest features, producers and other details revolving around my next official solo album Old Fashioned. Watch the video and feel free to drop a line in the comments section.