Want to know how “The Most Humble” came to be?

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Releasing September 1st, http://www.killacasmetah.bandcamp.com/album/the-most-humble is the link to hit up if you’re looking for my latest release The Most Humble. In case you didn’t know, my homie BlackBolt (formerly known as Afaar) is an insanely multi-talented artist from the West Coast. We used to be label mates back in the day (End Of Earth Records). One day I was online and heard a new track he did (I think it was called 100 Bars) and dude was GOING IN. I kind of thought to myself, “this dude got bars like me”. LOL I know, humble right? So I called him up to give him props on the song. We had a conversation about how we were both just on some “Spitting Bars” type of steez lately. Forget about anything personal or reflective, it was all about the witty one liner at this season of our lives. So I said let’s do a braggadocio-themed project, and that’s how The Most Humble was born. It’s a rather simple story. Two emcees came together and wrecked havoc over some banging beats. Ilyas Nashid (formerly of Tanya Morgan) laced a hook. There’s also a posse cut featuring Ruffian (RIP), NomiS and Mouf Warren. I pulled in some scratch work from Mista Sinista (X-ecutionerz), EF Cuttin and DJ Aslan for that extra hip hop flavor. The end result you have is five bangers, period. It’s long enough to prove the point without being redundant. I think you’ll like it. Pick it up digitally or on CD and every dollar you spend (pay minimum or name your own price to donate extra) goes toward the Old Fashioned crowd funding campaign. I’ll be updating everyone on how that’s going this week.

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New update video for “Old Fashioned” crowd funding campaign


Time for an update. In case you didn’t know, I’m running a crowd funding campaign to raise money to release my next solo album “Old Fashioned” and do a tour in Australia. You can help by making a purchase at www.killacasmetah.bandcamp.com. Watch the video to learn about how the campaign is doing so far, new perks, and meet my lovable Labrador, Dexter! The new EP “3rd Eye Contact” is now available!

Time for an “Old Fashioned” crowdfunding campaign!


Cas Metah supporters please take five minutes, watch this video and then donate to the cause! My next solo album “Old Fashioned” is ready to release but I want to do it all the way right, which essentially means spending a lot of money. With the amount of followers I have, if all of you can donate even just a little (or a lot!) I would be forever grateful! I’m offering perks in return too! The first perk I’m offering is the 3rd Eye Contact EP. It’s myself and Mellow Drum Addict on the rhymes, Defizit on the beats and EF Cuttin on the turntables. It’s dope! Pre-order it now (drops 8/18) at killacasmetah.bandcamp.com for either the minimum price or show some love and add a little more to the total at checkout. It’s all up to you how much you give! All proceeds go toward funding physical copies of “Old Fashioned” (vinyl, cassettes and CD’s), music videos and any other promotional costs, including an international tour. Every dollar counts! I’ll be keeping everyone up to date so be on the lookout for another video like this next week. Thank you so much! – Cas

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