2-Tone “Redemption Highway” now available

Redemption Highway

If you’re a die hard Cas Metah fan you should be familiar with my crew Field Specialists. After what feels like years of working on it, we’re proud to release our latest, which is a solo album from 2-Tone, entitled Redemption Highway. I oversaw the entire project from beginning to end and also featured on five songs. Make sure you check it out at http://fieldspecialists.bandcamp.com/album/redemption-highway

3 thoughts on “2-Tone “Redemption Highway” now available”

  1. I must say.. after years of working together.. cas knows my style,what type of beats i like.. he understood where i was going with this project.. i feel the beat selection for thos type of joint i was doing was well tought out. big ups cas!!!!. And killed the mix..i appreciate the patience brother… and im forever greatful for the love fam!!! Ima keep it pumpin!!!

  2. Its HOTT realy enjoyed it let it play completely thru twice back to back lol..my 1yr old duaghter even liked it..she walked all thru the house dancin thru the entire CD..keep doin what ur doin. Good luck ur patients brung ya this far. Keep em comin..GO BIG..#1love

  3. I love it! It has been in my cd player since I bought it! Love the style and the beats…keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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